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[edit] About

This area is for buying, selling, trading, or evaluating collectibles. It is intended mainly for individuals; businesses may advertise, but we reserve the right to move or delete your link if it seems appropriate. VBZ.NET does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of any of these listings, nor do we make any promises about the reliability of buyers or sellers on this page; use at your own risk. (We will, however, report any problems we hear of.)

Looking for a particular piece, and don't know where to find it? Got a collectible and want to find out what it's worth? Feel free to post images and details here, or email them to me and I'll post them for you. To reply to a posting, either post your reply on this page or email it to me.

If you post something here and would like a reply, please contact me as well or post your email address. (You can use the email address template to hide your address from spambots.)

[edit] Archive

[edit] Items Wanted

Please post information about wanted items here.

[edit] Items for Sale

Please post items for sale here.

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