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Earth Creations is a clothing manufacturer located in Bessemer, Alabama. Their product line is unique in that all of their dyes use natural clay. They also use organic fibers, made and assembled in regional plants; see EC's FAQ for more information. Their contact information is available on their web site.

It often takes us a little longer to deliver EC orders than with most suppliers, as they have a per-design minimum as well as a per-order minimum. We encourage our customers to order in-stock items for faster delivery; if you are willing to wait a few months, however, we will keep your order on file and eventually get everything delivered to you if at all possible. (EC does occasionally discontinue items, but their design-churn isn't as heavy as that of some suppliers.)

In addition to their t-shirt selection, they also have a line of clothing; I have not tried to enter that sector yet, as I know very little about it and the ordering terms appear to favor the financially prepared even more heavily than their t-shirt selection does. If there is interest in the regular clothing, I will certainly consider offering it.