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The Mountain is a t-shirt screenprinting company located in Keene, NH.


The Mountain prints mostly t-shirts, mostly of the tie-dye variety, using a patented subtractive dye process. (I don't know the details of the patent, but it may have to do with the unusual and interesting shapes which often apper in the texture of their tie-dyes.)

At one time they were using strictly organic cotton, and had a web site about this (; the domain is still registered as of this writing). The web site seems to have been discontinued; I don't know if they are still using organic cotton, though it seems likely.

Update retrieved from on 2007-01-26:

The Mountain products are now Oekotex 100 certified, which guarantees our shirts are free of chemicals that are harmful to your body.


We print with a process that dyes the actual fabric fiber, unlike companies that lay inks on top of the shirt like a plastic coating. Our printing process produces an image that has incredible detail and gives our shirts their soft feel. The Mountain uses only water-based inks, which are environmentally friendly and we go out of our way to insure that all of our manufacturing processes fully protect our air and water.


Retrieved from on 2007-01-26:

We take great pride in our people, and we work to support them as much as they work to support you. The Mountain is a community of people who have worked together for years and feel more like a family than coworkers. It�s important to support dedicated people and we believe that healthy families and children who are well cared for are more important than higher profits. We provide meals at no charge; everyday. We fund an on site daycare center for the children of our employees. Andrea, pictured at far right with her daughter Lilly, saw Lilly take her first step at work!

We also believe that caring for families extends beyond our company itself and into a larger community. We support a number of national and community service organizations that provide the critical safety net so many families need. Our support also extends to Fire Departments, Native American initiatives, land protection organizations, schools, and many dog and wolf rescue organizations. The Mountain also supports a neighboring retreat that cares for the mentally ill. Just last year we began contributing to a traumatic brain injury rehabilitation center, one of just 3 in the country.

Recent Additions

In 2005, The Mountain added a selection of printed solid color shirts to their offerings, as well as a small line of two-sided prints and shirts with pockets. They also recently (2003?) added a line of girls' tops, which was expanded in 2005 to include women's tops. (Their web site, however, is still showing their 2004 catalog only, as of this writing, and none of the new stuff.)



These are questions which came up as I was entering the 2006 catalog data into our database; I'll include the answers when I find them.

  • Last year, tank tops were available for "men", "women", and "girls"; this year there is only one size. How does it compare with last year's sizes? Same for stringtops/spaghetti-straps (available for "women" and "girls").
  • What are the measurements for the "fashion styles" (tanks, capsleeves, and spaghetti-straps)? (The size chart seems to have gone away when the site was finally updated from 2004 to 2006.)