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To Do

  • search needs to work better in general; see this for helpful ideas.
    • search should probably assume "and" rather than "or" for multi-word searches
    • exact matches should always be first in the list
    • need to be able to search within certain scopes:
      • longsleeve, particular size(s), items in stock
  • vbznet:topics/0584/all/ -- where are the rest of the bears?
    • This issue is actually a bit more complicated than it looks at first glance. Intuitively, anything in the topic Grateful Dead Bears should show up under the Grateful Dead topic -- but Grateful Dead Bears is actually a subtopic of "Liquid Blue / series / item type", while the main "Grateful Dead" topic (0584) is under "item contents: subject: commemorative: Musicians". Probably what is needed is some way to cross-link topics, i.e. Grateful Dead Bears would become a virtual subtopic of 0584 Grateful Dead.
  • revise title-pages script to add title item types ("t-shirt") to keywords (just a change in a query should do it)
  • some sundog shirts are s/m same size
  • add to payment options
    • confirm before charging after this date:
    • cancel order if not sent by this date:
    • prefer to receive by this date:
  • vbznet:cat/lb/14g07/ - don't show "add to cart" when none available
  • Revise department, artist pages script to group items by type (as on topic pages)
  • Allow catalog, topic, artist (& maybe other) pages to pull comments from wiki (for easier updating & customer comments)