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  • Mailing/shipping address:
122 Pinecrest Rd.
Durham, NC 27705

Who is owned and operated by Woozle, a.k.a. Nick Staddon.

Vbz is currently phoneless by choice. If you absolutely need to call, my home phone number is listed here on the HypertWiki -- but I can't guarantee that your call will be answered or returned. It is much better and more reliable to contact me via any of the methods listed at left.

Credit Card charges

If you found this page while searching for "Cox-Staddon Enterprises" because that name, or something similar, appeared on your credit card (or checking account) statement, it is probably a charge for an order you (or an authorized user of your credit/check card) placed at VBZ.NET. If you think your credit card might have been used fraudulently, please contact me with details of the charge. I would much rather refund an erroneous charge to your card than have the processing company do it by force.