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What's to say? My official ("real") name is Nick Staddon, although I've been called Woozle since before I could talk. I live with my Hypertwin in Durham, NC, where I grew up. I am currently the sole owner, operator, and point of contact for – though I hope to change that before too long – and hence can be reached via any of the methods on the vbz contact page.

If you want to find out more about what I'm up to, you can follow me on Google+.

In general, I'm a computer programmer from way back (well... slightly way back... 1980s). I started this business so I could follow my own lead and get out of (large-)corporate America, which has a way of slowly degrading my sanity when I am part of it. I'd like to see computers and networks used to enable groups of individuals and small businesses to form groups of a size and power comparable to large corporations, but with much better ethics and much more room for individuality.

This site is the 4th wiki I've set up. (The other three are Hypertwiki, Issuepedia, and SluggySquad Wiki.); I have set up several others since then, including HTYP (a general information resource).

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  • TS Designs might be a good place to have some original shirts made
  • This suggests a possible counteradvertising strategy.